Seed Exchange

Our Mission:  The Canastota Seed Exchange at the Canastota Public Library is a free seed exchange project committed to increasing the capacity of our community to feed itself wholesome food by means of education that fosters community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing.


We have over 300 varieties of seeds available now at the library!  We are located in the Canastota Public Library and are open during regular library hours.

Borrowing Seeds:  The seeds you borrow from the Canastota Seed Exchange are offered to you free.  A commitment to growing plants from seeds is a gift to yourself.  We hope you learn much, experience the joy of gardening and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  At harvest time, please save seeds for others.  We ask that you return some of the seeds that you save or Non-Hybrid Seeds that you purchase to the library to keep the Seed Exchange self-sustaining.

Why Save Seeds:  Humans have been saving seeds for over 12,000 years. In our culture, we’ve lost a lot of that knowledge along with significant biodiversity.  When you grow and save your own seeds, you develop seed stock that is well suited to our climate here in Central New York.  Additionally, you save money by growing your own food.  You also help to create a culture of sharing and abundance.